CHILDREN and modern technology

Today children grow up almost naturally with digital media such as computers, cell phones and the Internet. Most parents only get to know and appreciate digital media much later in adulthood.

Not only computers and cell phones emits harmful radiation but also specific gadgets for children like baby monitors, electric toys or lights. In the children’s room there are a number of potential sources of electrosmog that burden the small bodies in their development. To protect his offspring from permanent radiation, the following measures are useful and effective:

1) The top priority is distance! The younger the child, the deeper the cell phone beams go when calling. With a sufficient distance, it is already possible to significantly reduce the electromagnetic pollution.

2) Switch off when not needed. Switch off all devices at night (!) Or clear them out of the room. Many toys “send and receive” without being  recognized immediately.

3) Regulate consumption. Although we want to use modern technology, it is very important for children to find rules for its use. Children should never place cell phones directly at their ears. Use the speakers instead.

Electromagnetic fields are also associated with symptoms such as hyperactivity in children, sleep, memory and concentration disorders, headaches and migraines, tinnitus and cardiac arrhythmias. It has not yet been scientifically proven whether the complaints are caused by this. However, symptoms might often disappear or alleviat after switching off the sources of electrosmog.


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Important note: We would like to point out that the technology presented here does not yet correspond to the predominant scholarly view and doctrine. Energy medicine and the principles, methods and devices it uses can be assigned to alternative medicine. They are not recognized by school science medicine, because the effect is not proven. An energy medical application does not replace diagnosis and treatment by a licensed doctor.

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