Geopathic fault zones

Geopathic fault zones are zones on earth to which harmful effects are attributed. Many know them as water veins, quarries or earth faults and magnetic field lines.
There is empirically a clear connection between various symptoms of the disease and geopathic interference fields.

Why water veins radiate strongly for example has not been fully clarified yet, but it is assumed that the water rubs against the rock layers and this leads to an energetic effect in the ground. The body absorbs this energy and reacts with tension and disorders of all kinds.

Tiny electromagnetic stimuli from inside the earth control biochemical and biophysical processes in our cells and interstices. Without the earth’s natural magnetic field, life as we know it would not be possible. Our cells vibrate practically in harmony with the earth’s magnetic field. However our health is at risk where geopathic interference fields overlay the natural earth’s magnetic field and thus impair the exchange of information between the cells.


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Important note: We would like to point out that the technology presented here does not yet correspond to the predominant scholarly view and doctrine. Energy medicine and the principles, methods and devices it uses can be assigned to alternative medicine. They are not recognized by school science medicine, because the effect is not proven. An energy medical application does not replace diagnosis and treatment by a licensed doctor.

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