A healthy diet is important for everyone. It gives the body energy and contributes to a healthy metabolism. Consumers are more and more returning to eating fresh foods that are rich in vital substances and prefer buying seasonal food.

Nevertheless, more and more people with intolerances react to certain foods, coused by pollution and chemical substances.

Water plays vital role in the body. Since the body cells cannot produce water themselves, it must be rehydrated by drinks and foods.

The societies way of living causes a lot of waste for the environment. But through groundwater and rainwater deposits of the earth and plants, it comes back to us through the air we breathe and in the food we consume.

If there is any harmful information in the drinking water the communication of our body will be impaired. If the balance of the bodily functions is affected, the state of mind can be disturbed and the body might react with headaches, sleep disorders or increased allergy.

It is true that the water in the human body reacts to ultrasound, microwaves and mobile phones. The reason lies in the fact that the H2O molecules align themselves with the electromagnetic radiation and form correspondingly abnormal anomalies according to researchers.

That is why it is so important to pay attention to good, pure water & food.


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Important note: We would like to point out that the technology presented here does not yet correspond to the predominant scholarly view and doctrine. Energy medicine and the principles, methods and devices it uses can be assigned to alternative medicine. They are not recognized by school science medicine, because the effect is not proven. An energy medical application does not replace diagnosis and treatment by a licensed doctor.

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