10 tips for the correct handling of your smartphone

To make sure nothing gets in the way of your relationship

1) Short and sweet: Keep cell phone calls short or make more detailed calls via the landline or speaker functions or wired hands-free devices. Attention! Cordless phones radiate similar to cell phones.

2) Waiting: The transmission power is the highest when establishing a connection. So wait a little while calling before holding the phone to your head.

3) Texting: Send texts instead of making calls.

4) Switch off: Switch off the cell phone when it is not used for a long time, at least at night. Or use the flight mode if you need your phone as alarm. It also makes regular contact with the base station in standby mode.
(This varies depending on the network operator and region because the frequency is determined by the base station.)

5) Don’t carry your mobile phone on your body, put in a bag or backpack instead.

6) Signal strength: If the connection is poor, the radiation exposure is much higher. So if the signal is weak, try to find a better place.

7) Background services: Reduce the number of apps and deactivate the background services. Deactivating “Mobile Services” / “Data Network Mode” turns the smartphone into a cell phone again. You can still be reached, but avoid a lot of unnecessary radiation from background data traffic.

8) Distance: Due to their anatomy, children are exposed to the rays much more than adults. Encourage your child to send text messages rather than making phone calls.
Another good idea would be to switch to flight mode while playing.

9) SAR value: Use the SAR value or the Connect radiation factor to help you choose your mobile phone.

10) Our motto: Back to nature. Use modern technology, but in such a way that it doesn’t harm us if possible. Our goal: to protect you and your family. The NIZE.mobiles are designed especially for this and are ideal for all mobile phones, Wifi, Bluetooth and radio devices, and many more.


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Important note: We would like to point out that the technology presented here does not yet correspond to the predominant scholarly view and doctrine. Energy medicine and the principles, methods and devices it uses can be assigned to alternative medicine. They are not recognized by school science medicine, because the effect is not proven. An energy medical application does not replace diagnosis and treatment by a licensed doctor.

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